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French Vowels
French Pronunciation Electronic Tutorial

This unique web-based tutorial program helps students pronounce French vowels like a native speaker.  Digitized voices provide the correct pronunciation, and diagrams based on the physiological characteristics of each vowel help learners recognize the right mouth position to speak French properly. 

bulletPresents 15 French vowels according to their phonetic characteristics.
bulletProvides an interactive environment that lets the user concentrate on any sound using dialogs and comparison exercises.
bulletSupplements audio lab exercises or replaces them altogether.

~ Works on both Windows and MacOS ~

~ Requires only a web browser and a sound player such as RealPlayer or Windows MediaPlayer ~

~ Can be run from the CD, copied to an individual computer, or loaded on a server ~

Licensing and Pricing Options:

bulletSingle copy: $30, can be installed on one computer or run from the CD
bullet15-copy Lab Pack: $250
bulletSchool-wide site license for one school up to 3,000 students: $500
bulletSchool or district-wide license for over 3,000 students: $1,000
bulletAny upgrades within 6 months will have all licensing fees credited to the upgrade

How to Order:

Initiate the order by sending e-mail to csabbar@yahoo.com indicating how many of what type of licenses you wish to purchase.  Payment can be made by school purchase order, check, or through PayPal.

About the Author:

Carol Sabbar holds a BA in French and Religion from Carthage College and an MA in French from Middlebury College.  It was during her time at Middlebury that she learned the theory of phonetics and received a certificate of proficiency in French pronunciation.  She studied in Paris for a year, attending l'Université de Paris X-Nanterre and l'Institut d'Études Politiques.  She taught French for over a year while beginning her career in technology.  Ms. Sabbar is currently the Director of Computer Services at Carthage College.