From the Kenosha News on 9-11-05

     WeatherBug shows you local and national weather

      The arrival of hurricane Katrina has brought weather issues more prominently to most people's minds. If you're interested in keeping up with the most current weather situation, WeatherBug software can help you do that.

     You can download and install the free WeatherBug application from Look for the link to the free WeatherBug software; for Mac, it's called WeatherBug Lite. The download page will give you further instructions on how to install it. As you install, you will be prompted for your zip code so that it can provide you with local temperatures and weather advisories. The Windows version will request that you enter some information about yourself. I recommend that you uncheck the box so that you don't receive junk mail from their partners. You'll also be asked to pick a corporate sponsor whose name will show in your WeatherBug window later.

      Once the software is installed, the current temperature for your location will display on the systray (lower right of the screen) for Windows or in the menu bar at the top of the screen for Mac, to the left of the time.

      You may want to change some of the settings for WeatherBug. For example, it will give a chirping sound when a weather advisory occurs. It's rather distracting and not appropriate for an office setting. You can silence these alerts at night, all the time, or turn them off completely. You can also set what levels of alerts you want to receive. To change settings, right-click on the temperature and select Open WeatherBug, then click Preferences. (Mac users, click on the temperature and drag to Preferences.) Click the Weather Alerts Manager tab and adjust the settings near the bottom of the screen. Furthermore, if you decide you don't really want the full screen to launch each time you connect to the internet, use the Connections tab and uncheck the box labeled "If internet connection is active, open WeatherBug full display when WeatherBug opens.

      You can change the location you connect to by clicking on the Change Location link at the top center of the screen in the Windows version. Kenosha has at least two weather stations, including one at the Kenosha airport and one at Carthage College. One of the live cameras sits on top of Bullen Middle School, and another sits atop Wilmot High School.

      In addition to displaying the temperature and sending you alerts, WeatherBug shows you the forecast, radar maps, and much more. In the Mac version, this is accessed by clicking on the temperature and dragging to the appropriate option; it launches a web browser to display the information. The Windows version uses its own software instead of a browser. There are buttons along the left to access national weather, radar and maps, live cameras, and even traffic information. You'll also notice a lot of advertising, which you'll want to avoid. The Your Photos button features weather pictures that individuals have taken, including amazing pictures taken during and after hurricane Katrina.

By Carol Sabbar from the Kenosha News on 9-11-05