From the Kenosha News on 8-5-07

You can make catchy posters, calendars, and more in MS Word

      You don’t need special software to make posters, calendars, post cards, and more.  Instead, use one of Microsoft Word’s many templates.  Instructions below are for MS Word 2007.

      First, click on the Office button and then select New.  Scroll to the bottom of the template list at the left and select More Categories.  From the next list, select Poster.  If you find the type of poster that you want on the list, click on it and then click the Download button at the lower right.  (You need to be connected to the internet for this to work.)  If you do not find the type of poster you want, you can type a description in the box at the top and click Search.  For example, imagine that you needed to make a poster about a lost pet.  Type in “lost” and click the right arrow button.  One of the first items on the list is a Lost Pet Notice.  Click on it and click Download.

      At this point, Microsoft will attempt to verify that you have a genuine copy of MS Office.  This actually caused a problem with my computer because, even though I have a genuine copy of MS Office, I had installed a trial version of MS Sharepoint Designer.  I had to uninstall Sharepoint Designer to get past this part of the process. 

      Once the template downloads, you can edit it as you would any other document, save it and print it.  After you use a template, it will show up in the list of “Recent and blank templates” when you first click New; you can use it again without downloading. 

      To view templates that are available to you without downloading from the internet and going through the “genuine Microsoft” verification, click the item “Installed templates” on the left.  These include mostly fax cover sheets and sample letters. 

      Another useful document is the calendar.  You can create an academic year calendar, for example, for 2007-8.  It includes 13 months, from July 2007 through July 2008 and has a schoolhouse/school bus design to it.  Once you download the calendar template, you can add information into the various date spaces by clicking there and typing your text.  When you are finished, save and print. 

      The greeting card templates work like cards found previously in PrintShop.  They print in such a way that you fold the paper in four to get a real card that opens.  You’ll find a fair variety of designs for holidays, birthday, or friendship.  If you don’t find one you like, you can again search by typing terms such as “Christmas card.”  If you click on a category or item and decide that isn’t what you want, you can click the Back button (the left arrow to the left of the search box) to return to the previous list or screen.

      Teachers and home-schoolers might want to search for “practice paper,” which includes paper for teaching handwriting and also music staff paper.  Some items, such as those found when searching for “gift labels” are designed for specific types of Avery labels.  Finally, parents of young girls might want to search for “paper dolls.”

by Carol Sabbar from the Kenosha News on 8-5-07