From the Kenosha News on 7-22-07

These web sites can help you get useful information

      We rely on the internet today for information of all kinds.  I think sometimes that the skill of using a phone book will be lost!  Below are some web sites that I think you may find very helpful in looking up the information you seek.  Some are specific to Kenosha and Wisconsin residents.  I have outlined a few of these in detail in previous articles.

  1. – Listing of processes that run under Windows.  This can be helpful to determine what is spyware and what is a valid process running on your computer
  2. – If you have wireless (wifi) on your computer, this site lists where you can connect wirelessly for free.
  3. – The Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin.  Look up the complaint history on area businesses and file a complaint if needed.
  4. and – Blue book values for a vehicle you want to buy or sell.
  5. – Reviews of hotels, restaurants and more.  Submit your own review.
  6. and – Find the name or address for just about anyone or any business in the country.
  7.,, and – Get a map, satellite view, or  directions to a specific location, as well as the distance.
  8. – The site to get a TRULY free credit report.  Despite the catchy slogan in their commercial, there is actually a cost to get a credit report at
  9. – A repository of huge quantities of shareware and freeware.
  10. – Find out about viruses you may have, get fixes for them, and de-bunk hoaxes.
  11.,, or – To do research on airline flights and prices, as well as car rentals and hotels, these are the top three.  Beware!  These on-line sources often do not have the best prices.  While they’re great for doing the research, I always follow up with a phone call to the airline, car rental agency, or hotel, and generally find they have lower prices.  Also, watch for added cancellation or transaction  fees at on-line services.
  12. – Keep a log of your trip, including pictures and a map on this free hosting service.
  13. – An on-line concordance and Bible search tool
  14. – If you are or have a student in Kenosha Unified Schools, this site provides much useful information.
  15. - The Wisconsin JobNet.  If you’re looking for a job in Wisconsin, this site lists the postings from the job centers across the state.
  16. – When you don’t want to actually go to the DMV office, see if you can find the info on-line here first.

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by Carol Sabbar from the Kenosha News on 7-22-07