From the Kenosha News on 6-4-06

Readers ask questions that might help you too

Over the past year and a half since I started writing this column, I have received numerous questions from readers. Many questions could be answered by pointing the reader to an article I’d written earlier. You can access that archive on the web at and clicking on the News Archive link at the left side of the page. The articles are organized by date with the most recent ones first. To search on the page, click the Edit menu in Internet Explorer and select “Find (on this Page).” Type in a word (e.g. “wireless”) and click the Find Next button.

For example, one reader wrote:

Q: “I have problems receiving or sending photos. A relative sent me a realtor’s ad showing a home his son was buying and all I got was a box having an "X" in the upper left-hand corner. I've gotten emails from people I've tried to pass photos on to saying the photos I attempted to attach didn't make it.”

A: Seems like your file-application correlations may be out of whack. What app do you want to launch to look at the pictures? First, make sure the app is still there! Then, my column from 3-20-05 talks about how to fix the correlation.

Many questions, however, are not covered in a previous column. A few of those include the following:

Q: "How do I compress my files in My Documents?" In this case, the reader was viewing his My Documents folder as icons rather than a list, and as he deleted files, “holes” were left in the display of the files in the folder.

A: Here are some ways to change what you see, but it won't affect where the files actually reside on your computer: 1) Auto-arrange your icons. To do this, click the View menu. Select "Arrange Icons by" and then Auto Arrange. They should all "snap to attention!" OR 2) Display the folder as a list with various details (like file size, date, etc) instead of displaying the icons. To so this, click the View menu and select Details. In this view, you can click on the headings to sort by that item - file type, size, date, etc.

Q: “I am trying to copy files in "My Documents" to a CD. The Wizard says my CD has 702 MB of free space but I have 1.22GB to be copied. It says to reduce to 556MB. How do I do this?”

A: You will need to copy your files in two batches to two separate CDs. Instead of "Select All" inside of My Documents, use ctrl-click (hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard and click on the various items), roughly selecting half, or about 556Mb of stuff. If you have folders within My Documents, float your mouse over the folder to see how much data it contains. Once you've selected about the right amount, right-click and select “Send To” to write it to the CD. After the first CD is done, come back and Ctrl-click on the other items to put them on the second CD. Some overlap won't hurt; just don't leave anything out!

By Carol Sabbar from the Kenosha News on 6-4-06