From the Kenosha News on 4-8-07

Learn to use these e-mail features

     Of all the computer and internet resources out there, e-mail has to be the most commonly used.  Still, even people that read and send e-mail every year may not use these useful features.  Each e-mail package – including Outlook, Outlook Express, and the various web-based interfaces such as Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, etc. – has a different interface, so providing everyone with click-by-click instructions is not possible.  However, the concepts are the same and will work similarly across platforms.  Specific instructions below are provided for a few specific platforms.

      If you are composing a message and decide you don’t want to send it right away, you can save it into your Drafts folder.  In Outlook Express, click the File menu, and click Save.  In Outlook, click the diskette icon on the toolbar.  In Yahoo mail, click the “Save as a Draft” button.  When you want to send or continue to work on your message, open the Drafts folder and double-click on the message.  When you’re ready, click the Send button.

      When looking at your mail list in your Inbox or another mailbox, you can sort your messages by date, size, subject, sender, etc.  Click the heading for that item: the word “Size,” for example.  The list will be sorted with the largest messages first.  Clicking on the heading again will sort it in the opposite order.  This is a great help in cleaning out a mailbox that is getting full since you can see which ones are biggest, oldest, etc.

      You can create additional folders to store messages in.  I have one called “Travel” and one called “Answers” where I store answers I’ve sent to reader questions.  If you use a web-based package like Yahoo mail, there should be a button or link to Add (or Create) a folder.  Click the link and give the folder a name.  If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express as  POP client – which is common with mail services provided by an employer or a DSL or cable provider, then any new folder you create will be inside your Inbox.  Create the folder by clicking the File menu, then clicking New and then Folder.  

      Once you have created new folders, you can store messages in them.  The most common way to do this is to open the message and – when you are finished reading it – click the Move To button and select the folder from the drop-down list.  In Outlook Express, click the File menu, and select the Move to Folder option from the menu. 

      You can create a “signature” to append to the bottom of every message you send.  I can include your name, address, e-mail address, or even a witty saying.  In Outlook, click the Tools menu and click Options.  Click the Mail Format tab, then the Signatures button about 2/3 down on the screen.  Click the New button under the top left box and give you signature a name type – such as Default.  Enter the text for your signature in the bottom box.  At the upper right, in the drop-down box next to New Messages, select Default (or whatever name you used.)  Click OK on each screen to exit. In Yahoo mail, click the Options item at the top right and then the Signatures item on the center list.

by Carol Sabbar from the Kenosha News on 4-8-07