From the Kenosha News on 12-31-06

Store, manage, and display digital photos on your iPod

If you have an iPod that shows a Photos option on the main menu, you can view your photos on it and even create a slideshow. First, you must import them into iTunes (version 7 required) by setting up your iPod to automatically synchronize its photos from a specific folder on your hard drive. Here’s how:

  1. Launch iTunes
  2. Connect your iPod to your computer, and wait for it to launch the iPod management screen. It will show the capacity, software version, and serial number of your iPod.
  3. Note the tabs along the top of the screen. Click on the Photos tab.
  4. Check the box next to “Sync photos from:” Click on the double arrows to the right of the drop-down menu and select Choose Folder…
  5. Navigate to select the folder that your photos are stored in. (For this to work properly, all of your photos should exist within one main folder; there can be many subfolders within it.) Click the OK button.
  6. Click in the circle for All Photos or for Selected folders. If you choose Selected folders, then check the boxes next to the specific folders you want to synchronize.
  7. You may choose to click the “full resolution photos” button to store the original images. I do not use this option because I store the photos separately using the iPod as a hard drive.
  8. Click the Apply button. You will be told that your iPod is updating. Wait until the update is finished. You will notice the photos represented as yellow on the capacity bar at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have loaded your pictures onto your iPod, click the Eject button next to the iPod item in the list in the left-hand panel of iTunes. This will allow you to disconnect your iPod with no error message or risk of damage.

On your iPod’s main menu, select Photos. In my case, I see “Slideshow settings” then “Photo library” then the list of folders that are/were in my main photo folder that I selected above. If you click on Photo Library, you will see all of the photos mixed together. Click on an individual folder to see its photos only. You can scroll through them and click on one to display it on the screen.

You can customize and play a slide show on your iPod as follows:

  • Click on Slide show options and set the time, transitions, music, etc. Click Menu when finished.
  • Select the folder from which you want to display the photos for your slide show. Select Photo library to use them all.
  • Click Play. The slide show will begin. Unfortunately, vertical photos will be shown sideways unless you rotated them on your computer before importing them.
  • Click back or forward during the show to repeat or skip ahead. Click menu to end the show.

If it has enough space, you iPod makes an excellent backup location for important files. For information on how to store photos, Word documents, or other files on an iPod – treating it as an external hard drive – refer to my column from 6/25/06 at

By Carol Sabbar from the Kenosha News on 12-31-06