From the Kenosha News on 11-12-06

Add fonts to your computer for free

If you like making fancy documents like signs, posters, and cards, you can jazz them up with new fonts. A font is the type of lettering – the style and shape of the characters. Most Windows installations come with the usual fonts: Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, Courier, and so on. You can easily add to those fonts and then use them in applications such as MS Word.

First, find a site that has free downloadable fonts. Look for Freeware rather than Shareware, since shareware often requires that you pay something if you use it for a longer period or for more than personal reasons. One site I find very useful is This column provides step-by-step instructions on downloading and using fonts from that site in WindowsXP.

Before you start, create a folder to download your fonts into. In Windows, for a font to be usable, it needs to be in the c:\windows\fonts directory, but I recommend that you place them into another folder first until you know exactly what you want. To create a folder called “Fonts” on your desktop, right-click on the desktop and select New from the pop-up menu, then select Folder. A new folder will appear on the desktop with the name “New Folder.” Highlight its name and type “Fonts” to give it that name.

Next, point your browser to Once at the Site, click “Enter site here.” Click “No thanks, I will download them one by one.” (Trust me; you don’t want all 5,000 fonts.) From the navigation list at the left, click the PC Fonts button. Mac Users can also download fonts from this site, but the rest of the instructions below will not apply.

You will see a list of fonts whose names begin with A. Look for those labeled as Freeware. Let’s use the font Advert as our example. Click on its name. When prompted, click the Open button to open the zip file that the fonts come in. On the left of the next window, click Extract All Files. Click the Next button. On the next screen, click the Browse button and navigate to the Fonts folder that you created on your desktop. Click Next. The files will download and unzip, placing two (or usually one) .ttf files in your folder. Click Finish. Close any unnecessary windows.

You can click on other letters at the top of the screen to view fonts that begin with those letters. Download as many as you want to the folder you created. In order to use the fonts, you must move them to the Fonts folder in Windows. To do this, open the Fonts folder you created; right-click on the file, then select Copy. Leave that window open. Double-click on My Computer; double-click your C: drive (the name will vary from computer to computer); double-click the Windows folder; then double-click the Fonts folder. Right-click anywhere in the Fonts folder, and select Paste. This should put the copied font on the list. Open MS Word or the program of your choice and verify that the new font is displayed on the drop-down list of fonts on your Formatting toolbar.

By Carol Sabbar from the Kenosha News on 11-12-06