From the Kenosha News on 10-15-06

Readers get answers on how to solve Windows problems

Teachers always told me “There’s no such thing as a dumb question.” I have received many good questions from readers; below are some of the questions and answers that should be of interest to others.

Q: Occasionally when creating a word document, when I try to replace a letter with a correction the result is that the next letter/space is "eaten." Sometimes I can copy the entire document to a new document to re-open my ability to edit and other times the problem follows to the new document. I must be hitting some command inadvertently to cause this problem. Can you help me on this?
A: It sounds like you're pressing the Insert key (possibly labeled “Ins”) on your keyboard. When you press it once, you put the computer - in any program, not just Word - into "replace mode" so that letters you type replace the other letters. Press it again, and you're in "insert mode", where the letters you type are inserted to the left of the other letters. Try editing text with it on and off.

Q: When we print a page off the Internet, if there isn't a "printer friendly" option available, whatever is being printed runs off the right edge of the paper and is lost. Is there anything we can do to our settings to eliminate this so that we can print out the full page?
A: There's no magic solution, but here are a few workarounds that you might already be aware of: They are all for IE. 1) Print Landscape (sideways) on the paper. Click on the File menu and click Page Setup. Click Landscape in the Orientation box. Click OK. 2) Copy and paste the part you want into a Word document. (Only worth it if it's info you REALLY want to print the information.)

Q: When I turn off my computer and power back up I get the following message on my screen: c:\windows\system32\WNHTTPdll is not a valid windows image
A: I had to do some research on this. A useful link appeared to be the following: While the problem must be fairly common, (seeing how many posts there are about it), the answer is pretty rare. It looks like it’s from an application that has been installed but isn't quite right. Cleaning the registry seems to be the common fix. I'd recommend getting a 30 free trial of System Mechanic from

Q: While I'm in an internet site, I want to FORWARD that site to someone using their email address. How do I do it so all they have to do is click on the site I've referring them to in my email and they'll have it on their computer?
A: It's a several step process: 1) Get to the site you want to tell your friend about. 2) Highlight its address in the address bar of your browser. 3) Press Ctrl-C to copy the address
4) Open your e-mail and compose a message to your friend. 5) In the body of the message, put your cursor where you want the address to go and press Ctrl-V to paste the address you copied.
When they receive the message, the address you copied will be a clickable link.

By Carol Sabbar from the Kenosha News on 10-15-06