From the Kenosha News on 1-15-06

Manage your favorites for more efficient web browsing

If you surf the web, you probably have specific sites you visit most often. You can save these web addresses and access them easily using the Favorites feature of Internet Explorer. In Netscape or Firefox browsers, these are called Bookmarks. Since most people use Internet Explorer, the specific directions below are for IE.

To add a favorite for a site you like, access that site, then click the Favorites menu and drag to Add to Favorites. Check what appears in the Name box. This will appear on your list of Favorites later, so make sure it clearly explains what the site is. Change it as needed. You can store the favorite in a folder, or simply click OK to place it on the main list. Once you've added a favorite, you can go back to that site by clicking on the Favorites menu and dragging down to its name on the list.

Eventually, your list will get long and disorganized. The order of the items may seem random because IE lets you set the order yourself. New items are added at the bottom of the list. (Firefox alphabetizes the list.) Below are some techniques to keep your favorites clean and organized.

IE pre-populates the favorites list with some items you may not need, like a folder for radio stations. You can delete any unwanted folder or favorite as follows: Click on the Favorites menu and drag to Organize Favorites. Click on the item you want to delete, and then click the Delete button to the left of the list. When prompted if you're sure, click Yes. If you click on a folder from the list, it will "expand" the folder to show you the items inside it. You can delete individual items from the folder or delete the whole folder itself. If you delete the folder, all the items inside are deleted as well.

You can create your own folders from within the Organize Favorites window. Click the Create Folder button. The folder will be called New Folder; type in the name you want for the folder and press Enter. To put an existing favorite inside a folder, click on the favorite on the list, and then click the Move to Folder button. Click on the folder you want to put it in, and then click OK. You can place folders inside of other folders in the same manner.

To rearrange the order of the items on your favorites list, click the Favorites menu and select Organize Favorites. Click on an item and drag it to the desired position on the list.

You can export your favorites into a file in order to back them up or transfer them to another computer. Click on the File menu and select Import and Export. Step through the wizard, selecting the option to Export Favorites. Be sure to note the name and location of the file it exports. You can then put the file on a disk or flash drive and import them to IE on another computer using the same option on the File menu.

By Carol Sabbar from the Kenosha News on 1-15-06