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3/2/08 Free software can help play DVDs on a computer VLC Media Player will help you play DVDs
2/24/08 Use commands in a DOS window to troubleshoot connection problems Useful DOS commands for troubleshooting
2/17/08 You can save your document as a PDF in Microsoft Word 2007 Saving Word documents in PDF format
2/10/08 You can find local Kenosha information on-line Links to Kenosha internet sites
2/3/08 Spam and phishing e-mails look more authentic - Watch out! Recognizing recent spam and phishing attempts
1/27/08 Control panel in Windows Vista takes some getting used to Learning to use Vista control panel
1/20/08 The internet can help you select the right Presidential candidate On-line tools to help you decide who to vote for
1/13/08 Gadgets for Windows Vista can bring fun and function to your desktop Using gadgets in Windows Vista
1/6/08 Dead CMOS battery can be the missing link in a computer problem Problems caused by dead batteries
12/30/07 Fixing a down computer is a long road but possible Rebuilding a down computer
12/23/07 You can troubleshoot the cause of a catastrophic failure Troubleshooting problems where a computer won't boot or start up
12/16/07 Watch out for new greeting card scam over the holidays Greeting card e-mail scam
12/9/07 Start here to fix a messed up Windows computer Fixing big Windows problems
12/2/07 Sell your stuff on Ebay in time for Christmas Selling on Ebay
11/25/07 Use MailMerge to send your Christmas letters Using MS Word MailMerge
11/18/07 You can displey your computer output on your TV Computer to television connectivity
11/11/07 Web resources pay tribute to veterans Web sites that honor veterans
11/4/07 Watch out for these common computer misconceptions Misconceptions about firewalls, anti-spyware, shareware, Mac to PC sharing
10/28/07 Photoshop Elements provides plenty of capability at a modest price Features of Photodopy Elements
10/21/07 Re-booting can fix a host of problems Restart computers to clear errors
10/7/07 Newer versions of software aren't always better Finding older versions of software
9/30/07 Getting connected to wireless in Windows Vista is different but easy Connect to wifi networks in Vista
9/23/07 Make your Vista desktop look more like "home" Customizing Vista desktop
9/16/07 Use an external hard drive to boost your disk space Choosing and using an external hard drive
9/9/07 Clean up your computer if you're out of drive space Clean hard drives; delete files
9/2/07 You can diagnose your start-up and shut-down errors Diagnosing start-up, shut-down errors
8/26/07 Use the Help feature to solve unidentified problems Using Windows Help feature
8/19/07 Know what technology gear to take to college Computers equipment for college
8/12/07 Keyboard shortcuts take on new meaning when surfing Use keyboard shortcuts for internet browsing
8/5/07 You can make catchy posters, calendars, and more in MS Word MS Word to make posters, calendars
7/29/07 Use hibernate and other power tips to extend battery life Tips to save power, extend battery life
7/22/07 These web sites can help you get useful information Useful web sites
7/15/07 You can listen to radio broadcasts on-line Listen to radio broadcasts via internet
7/8/07 Make a compilation music CD with Windows Media Player Create an audio CD with Media Player
7/1/07 Use your computer to research movies Research movie reviews on-line
6/24/07 Google Earth shows location with satellite imagery and more See locations in Google Earth software
6/17/07 Choose map software that gets you to your destination bes Choosing map software: Mapquest, Yahoo, Google
6/3/07 You can customize your Start menu in Windows XP Custime the Windows XP Start menu
5/27/07 What really protects your computer from viruses? Anti-virus, OS updates, protect your computer from viruses
5/20/07 Why does so much spam amke so little sense? Understanding spam
5/13/07 Can you really get "free stuff" using the internet? Getting free items via the internet
5/6/07 Send an on-line gift or e-card for Mother's Day Send an e-card or gift on-line
4/29/07 Make a music CD for the road from iTunes Create and audio CD in iTunes
4/22/07 Manage your printers and print jobs Cancel print jobs, add printers, etc.
4/15/07 You can read and submit reviews of hotels and more Review hotels on Tripadvisor.com
4/8/07 Learn to use these e-mail features E-mail features: draft, signature, folders
4/1/07 Find and watch entertaining videos on YouTube Watching YouTube videos
3/25/07 Understand ads to get the right laptop Selecting a laptop using advertisements
3/18/07 Find the music you want on-line Finding musing files on-line
3/11/07 Consider wireless broadband for internet connection Nationwide wireless broadband
3/4/07 Is your computer ready for daylight saving time Testing your computer for new DST
2/25/07 Doing taxes on-line can be a good choice Doing taxes on-line
2/18/07 Get your computer ready for new daylight saving time Changing settings for DST
2/11/07 Consider these issues if you want to buy Office 2007 Compatibilities of Office 2007
2/4/07 Troubleshoot your computer's battery Troubleshooting battery problems
1/28/07 Decide if you and your computer are ready for Windows Vista Deciding if you want to upgrade to Windows Vista
1/21/07 Search on-line and save the planet Web sites that promote conservation
1/14/07 Eliminate error messages and warnings on startup Fixing startup errors
1/7/07 Start the new year with a cleaner computer Cleaning unneeded files from your computer
12/31/06 Store, manage and display digital photos on your iPod Using digital photos on your iPod
12/24/06 Get the most of the iPod you get or give Playlists, games, and calendars on your iPod
12/17/06 Create and share photo gifts Use digital photos to create gifts
12/10/06 You can use your keyboard instead of your mouse Keystrokes replace menus, etc.
12/3/06 Scams and phishing attempts are on the rise Recognize and protect yourself from scams and phishing
11/26/06 Can you save money and time shopping on-line? Realities of shopping on-line
11/19/06 Try these powerful computer tricks Shift-click, task manager, paste, re-size columns
11/12/06 Add fonts to your computer for free Downloading and installing free fonts
11/5/06 You can fix some web browsing problems What to do if you can't access a web site
10/29/06 Slowness and pop-ups can still be a problem Resolving pop-ups and computer slowness
10/22/06 Reader provides Windows tips; others ask about cleaning Windows tips from readers
10/15/06 Readers get answers on how to solve Windows problems Resolving common Windows problems
10/8/06 You may be able to revive a dead computer Getting a non-working computer to start again
10/1/06 Getting rid of old computers isn't so easy Disposing of older computers
9/24/06 Make your home wireless network more secure Securing a wireless network
9/17/06 How risky and dangerous is using wireless? Risks of wifi use
9/10/06 Change your Windows settings for older eyes and hands Settings for better accessibility
9/3/06 Use your favorite picture as desktop wallpaper Setting Windows wallpaper
8/27/06 You don't need an iPod for podcasts Listening to podcasts
8/20/06 Get the right spacing in your Word documents Tips for formatting Word docs
8/13/06 Microsoft templates provide a wealth of sample documents Templates from Microsoft.com
8/6/06 Get more power from your favorite keyboard shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts
7/30/06 Can computer-based passtimes be good for you? Interesting computer-based puzzles, etc.
7/23/06 Google searches, calculates, and defines Using Google in new ways
7/16/06 Insert special symbols into your Word documents Creating special characters and symbols in MS Word
7/9/06 Copy and paste text, pictures, files and more Best ways to use copy and paste
7/2/06 Tips make using MS Word more efficient Tips for using MS Word
6/25/06 iPods can do more than just play tunes Using an iPod to store data and more
6/18/06 Use MS Photo Editor to modify digital pictures Using MS Photo Editor
6/11/06 Use Windows QuickLaunch for easy access to your favorite software Adding applictions to the QuickLaunch area
6/4/06 Readers ask questions that might help you too Answers to questions about pictures not displaying, My Documents


Manage your digital pictures using Picasa from Google Manipulating digital pictures with Google's Picasa software
5/21/06 You can change your view in Microsoft applications Selecting different views in Microsoft applications
5/14/06 You can control the toolbars and icons that you see Viewing and customizing toolbars in Microsoft applications
5/7/06 Extended warranties may or may not be a good deal Evaluating extended warranties and service plans
4/30/06 Buy the multi-function device that meets your needs Selecting a scanner/printer/fax device
4/23/06 More readers and colleagues provide useful tips Tips on group chat, good passwords, and more
4/16/06 Tips from readers provide tested advice Tips on spam, credit reports, foreign language characters, ink cartridges
4/9/06 Use these on-line resources to plan travels to Europe Useful web sites for planning a trip to Europe
4/2/06 Block unwanted web sites with simple file update Blocking URLs on your computer
3/26/06 Save electricity and prevent damage to your computer When to turn off your computer; using power management
3/19/06 Blogs provide an outlet for self-expression Understanding and using blogs
3/12/06 Share your home printer between multiple computers Accessing a home printer from different computers
3/5/06 A Macintosh might resolve your computer headaches When a Macintosh makes more sense and has less problems
2/26/06 Remove unwanted and annoying programs Uninstalling applications in Windows
2/19/06 See what is running on your computer right now View running processes and kill unneeded ones
2/12/06 Learn to recognize scams and phishing attempts Recognizing scams and identity theft attempts
2/5/06 Use MSCONFIG to choose what processes start up when you boot Determine startup processes with MSCONFIG
1/29/06 New virus will delete files on February 3 Warning about Black Worm virus
1/22/06 Your children will and enjoy and maybe learn from these web sites Fun and educational web sites for kids
1/15/06 Manage your favorites for more efficient web browsing Organizing favorites in IE
1/8/06 Use keyboard and translation tools to write in other languages Foreign language tools: Keyboards and translators
1/1/06 Use RSS to keep up on news and more RSS for news feeds and other uses
12/25/05 Record sound and dictate with buil-in Windows software Using sound recorder and the language bar to record dictation
12/18/05 Use free software to view and create PDFs How to view PDFs and create them using Acrobat Reader and PDF995
12/11/05 Use free web-based e-mail from anywhere Selecting a web-based e-mail provider
12/4/05 Choose the high-speed Internet service right for you Selecting a broadband Internet service provider
11/27/05 Select a gift for people who love electronics Best Christmas gifts for techies
11/20/05 See far-away family with a web cam Using a web cam to chat with friends and family
11/13/05 Instant messaging is easier than you think Using instant messenger programs
11/6/05 Use legal ways to download music Downloading music with iTunes, Napster, or Walmart
10/30/05 Video is king on customized gaming computers Customizing a gaming computer
10/23/05 Look for 'sweet spot' when buying a computer Selecting a computer by cost per features
10/16/05 Is it time to upgrade or replace your computer?  
10/9/05 Automatic backups protect your documents Using automatic backups in MS Word
10/2/05 Daily updates protect your Windows computer Setting Windows update to download daily
9/25/05 See your back yard from space with Google maps Using Google maps to see satellite images and maps
9/18/05 Use Google desktop search to find lost documents Search desktop with Google search
9/11/05 WeatherBug shows you local and national weather See up-to-date weather with WeatherBug
9/4/05 Use the right terms when describing computer problems Use the right technology terminology
8/28/05 Right-click to find out about your computer  
8/21/05 Bust the myths about Mac and PC incompatibilities  
8/14/05 Customize the taskbar to meet your needs Customizing your Windows taskbar
8/7/05 Sometimes old DOS commands come in handy Useful DOS commands
7/31/05 Get started on Ebay as a buyer Buying on Ebay
7/24/05 Decide if it's time to upgrade or replace your computer Knowing when to upgrade or replace a computer
7/17/05 USB Devices Offer Convenience and Ease of Use Understanding various USB devices
7/10/05 Understand Cookies to Practice Safe Computing All about cookies
7/3/05 Is your anti-virus really protecting your computer? How to set up and use anti-virus properly
6/26/05 Web Resources Can Help you Strengthen your Faith Web sites that are related to the Christian faith
6/19/05 Create your own screensaver from your pictures Creating a screensave from your own pictures
6/12/05 Be sure Computer is covered by Insurance Insurance coverage for computers
6/5/05 Shortcuts Provide Easy Access to your Favorite Programs Creating and managing Desktop Shortcuts
5/29/05 Stay connected on vacation Access your e-mail on vacation
5/22/05 Configuring your laptop for wireless
5/15/05 Tips on installing your wireless network router Setting up a wireless network router, part 2
5/8/05 Set up wireless network and relax with laptop Setting up a wireless network, part 1
5/3/05 (tuesday) Using keyboard shortcuts
4/24/05 Try to fit grad's new computer to the college Selecting a computer for graduation gift
4/17/05 Spring Cleaning your Computer
4/10/05 Be strong when choosing your passwords Develop good password habits for better security
4/3/05 Is booking online a good idea or not? Pros and cons of making travel reservations on-line
3/27/05 Find vacation planning resources on-line On-line vacation planning web sites
3/20/05 Files won't open? Here's what to do File/application correlations and how to fix them
3/13/05 Here's how to back up your Windows files to CD Backing up to CD in Win XP
3/6/05 Develop a plan in case of computer meltdown Disaster planning for your home computer
2/27/05 E-mail attachments
2/20/05 A hoax is nearly as annoying as the virus itself Virus-like scams
2/13/05 Low-cost web site is good for business Creating a web site for businesses
2/6/05 Use your computer to do your taxes Income tax software
1/30/05 Send an e-card to say hello - for free Sending e-cards
1/23/05 Cleaning tough viruses
1/16/05 Don't go mad over school science projects Science project resources on the web
1/9/05 Need information? These Web sites useful Most helpful web sites
1/2/05 Resolve to keep your computer happier Resolve to keep your computer clean and healthy
12/26/04 You can go back to 'how it was before' Using Windows Restore
12/19/04 Two ways to fight those paralyzing pop-ups Get rid of pop-ups
12/12/04 Don't get caught by those e-mail 'phishers' Avoiding e-mail scams
12/5/04 Digital Photography
11/28/04 Be smart, safe when shopping online On-line shopping
11/21/04 Three things to check if computer is slow Causes of slow computers